Our Story

A History of Hope

Today’s Urban Renewal Network (TURN) exists to encourage urban renewal, revitalization, and spiritual revival by serving individuals in need and aiding local communities. TURN connects, supports, and empowers people by facilitating available resources through collaborative efforts with like-minded ministries and agencies.

TURN recognizes that it is part of the global effort to bring healing and wholeness to all people and encourages unity and peaceful collaboration between all races, backgrounds and denominations.

TURN is based in the city of Riverside, in Southern California where its founder, Libby Collier lives and has been moved with a burden for the impoverished children that live only blocks from wealthy neighborhoods.

Libby has spent a lifetime of ministry to urban areas in New York, Texas, Southern California and internationally. She is a mother of four who has worked as a Behavior Specialist and Children’s Minister.

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