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Building Redemptive Relationships with our Homeless Neighbors

Your congregation has an opportunity to provide much needed support to individuals and families with children in crisis, by working with Path of Life Ministries’ Homeless Shelters in one of the following ways:

Recruit GUEST CHEF TEAMS from within your congregation!

Guest Chef teams are groups of 4-8 people who provide quality meals to homeless families and individuals in the Path of Life Ministries Shelters.  This is a terrific opportunity for individuals within your congregation to:

  • Support POLM case managers by giving them more time with clients, assisting them with goal planning, monthly budgeting, job development and more!
  • Help POLM maximize their funding dollars and leverage limited financial resources to the areas of greatest need for their guests!
  • Interact directly with the shelter guests and provide the proximity and relationships required to give those in crisis the circle of support they need to make it through the crisis and rebuild their lives!

Guest Chef volunteers purchase food (average $2.50 – $3.50 per person served), prepare the meal, and then serve/share a meal with approximately 55-150 people, including residents, staff members and volunteers.

Your teams can sign up to serve weekly, monthly, or at random times throughout the year by contacting Path of Life’s guest chef coordinator, Leonard Jarman at 951-697-4195.

Enlist your Congregation as a CHURCH OF THE MONTH for one of the Shelters!

As The Church of The Month for any one of Path of Life’s 3 locations, your congregation will support the shelter guests by providing for the following needs:

  1. In-kind Needs (i.e. healthy snacks, diapers, toiletries, cleaning supplies, etc…)
  2. Transition Support – Helping Individuals who are transitioning out of homelessness and into a more stable living environment by locating and collecting household items and moving support.
  3. Dollar a Day Campaign – Ask each person in your congregation to donate one dollar each day of your month to provide for the care of the Homeless through Path of Life Ministries. Each person that does so will provide shelter and full support services to one person for one night in the shelters.
  4. Major Gift Support – Help advocate and/or fundraise for specific large items that help POLM provide restoration to the lives of homeless individuals.

For more information, please contact:

Damien O’Farrell
Damien at

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